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Ferguson’s Co-Op and Pre-Apprenticeship Program

A hands-on career requires a hands-on education. We must all recognize that the value of a person’s work does not lie in the qualifications he or she possesses, but how a life of learning is applied in your chosen trade. In today’s competitive market, businesses hire students who have more than classroom experience: they are looking for individuals who have practical understanding in their chosen field. Our program provides students the opportunity to combine curriculum from the classroom with hands-on training on jobsites. Co-ops work alongside Crew Leaders and Supervisors understanding the trade techniques and how each trade contributes to the completion of a project.

Mentoring is a critical part to the success of our co-op and pre-apprenticeship program. Our evaluation process allows our supervisors to ensure the right amount of guidance and training on the jobsite. You will meet people who are like minded and who are pursuing a path in life quite similar to your own. The program provides you the opportunity for you to build your career with Ferguson Construction Company.

Working with a Project Manager will afford the Co-op the opportunity to learn what it means to do project management in real time. The co-op will learn the importance of processes, schedule sequencing, and daily management of projects and how they impact the project’s success. They will gain insight into collaborations between the various trades by frequently visiting the job site and attending meetings with the subcontractors. They will also attend the owner meetings where they will gain knowledge on how to communicate with the owner and how to manage the customer expectations as it pertains to the project.

Programs include:

  • Earn valuable construction experience as a Pre-Apprentice; learn and earn!
  • Flexible working schedule for work based learning programs for seniors.
  • Co-ops or internships for college students
  • Popular in areas of study:
    • Construction Management Students
    • Civil Engineering Students
    • Architectural Majors
Opportunities are available in all of our regional offices- Sidney, Dayton, Columbus, or Indianapolis
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