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Ferguson can teach you a thing or two about educational construction

There are always lessons to be learned in educational construction. From technological advances to green buildings and LEED certification, Ferguson Construction is on the forefront of increasing efficiency before, during, and after the construction process.

Ferguson Construction has extensive experience in the construction of primary, secondary, and higher educational facilities, with projects including exterior landscaping renovations, new academic buildings, dormitories, halls, and renovations on college and university campuses. We also have built approximately 40 school buildings, including elementary, middle, and high school level buildings, as well as integrated K-12 schools.

Ferguson’s educational construction experience includes:

  • Dormitories
  • Elementary schools
  • Gymnasiums
  • Middle schools
  • High schools
  • Higher education (colleges and universities)
To learn more about Ferguson’s educational construction services contact us today for a free consultation.

See part of our extensive portfolio of buildings, dormitories, halls, and renovations for educational facilities here.

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