Beginning a Construction Project

Where do you start your construction project?

Your company is growing larger and your space seems to be growing smaller. Or maybe your building just needs an update. Starting a construction project can be overwhelming. At Ferguson, we want your next project to go as smoothly as possible. At 100 years strong, we have built countless projects of all shapes and sizes in Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional markets. 

So, where do you start your construction project?


A successful construction project needs to have a plan. The building plan and design will allow for preferences and floorplans which then creates a project budget.

A building committee (from your firm and ours) can begin communicating the company’s vision for the new building or renovation and ensure the project budget and project schedule are moving along accordingly to plan.


Establishing a project budget that includes allowances will help cover unforeseen issues, design changes, or additions that may be incurred along the way.  An important but sometimes overlooked expense that should be included in the project budget would be for the necessary permitting needed with the local city building officials.

Project Schedule

Accounting for the sometimes turbulent weather conditions is a must when the project schedule is being established, especially here in the Midwest.  Extreme wet or cold conditions are possible construction delays depending on the project size and date of start. Lastly, having weekly or bi-weekly project meetings with the project team allows for communication about the project status and helps maintain an accurate construction schedule.

Ferguson Construction would be happy to sit down with you to talk about beginning your next construction project. Contact us.