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We hire go-getters. Those who not only want to better themselves but also the communities they serve. Those who are hungry to learn. Those who are deeply invested in the growth and success of themselves and their team.

At Ferguson, we are motivated by the vision of a better future. One where we provide you with the tools you need to succeed and build your career with us. Where we build each other up and excel as a team. Let’s build something amazing together.

Why Choose Us?

Full-Time Pay

We provide full-time, weekly pay and competitive benefits including life and disability insurance, medical, dental, and vision insurance, vacation pay, holiday pay, and retirement benefits.

Inclusive Culture

We believe in maintaining a positive culture that supports our employees. Our Economic Inclusion program engages businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, and disadvantaged persons.

Excellence and Safety

Your safety is our #1 priority. At every level of the firm, workers are empowered to take corrective action should the need arise. Ferguson has been a long-time participant in OSHA’s VPP.

Community Involvement

We live in the communities we serve. We work with Habitat for Humanity, United Way, The Foodbank, American Cancer Society, Down Syndrome Society, among others to serve our communities.

Veteran Friendly

We make hiring military personnel and veterans a priority. We’ve maintained this initiative for decades because the military’s values of discipline, integrity, and teamwork align so closely with ours.

Built for
Your Success

No matter your career path, we offer growth opportunities and a culture that you’re proud to be a part of.

Check out this video to learn more.

The Buzz About Bo

When Bo joined the Ferguson Indiana team nearly 2 years ago, he didn’t have a lot of construction experience, but he did have a strong desire to learn, a humble spirit, and a great work ethic that fueled his success. Now, he is leading a crew and mentoring others. Watch the video to learn more about his inspiring journey.

What Our Team is Saying

It is a great feeling to come to the office and enjoy the people you work with. I appreciate that Ferguson works hard to promote a team mentality and positive environment.

Rachel Delgado
Rachel Delgado

I like working with my hands and building things. This is a good company. Everyone knows each other and is willing to help. It is like a big family.

Cooper Elleman
Cooper Elleman

The favorite part of my role is managing my own projects. It just feels good to see something that I’m responsible for coming to life for a client.

Eric Harris
Eric Harris

I chose Ferguson because of its principled leadership. I wanted to work for a “values-based” organization, and that is Ferguson through and through. The favorite part of my job is getting to spend time with our employees and my team. They’re 24 karat gold. I truly love coming to work every day to help make their world at work a better place.

Linda Simpson 1
Linda Simpson

My dad worked at Ferguson for 25 years. This has been the best jobs I’ve ever had. I work with a great group of guys. I really appreciate all that they have taught me. Coming to work every day feels like being in a brotherhood. I know now why my dad did this for so long.

Daniel Hinkle

What I appreciate most about Ferguson is the continuous effort to build and continually improve the company culture. I feel like I am a part of a team that is continuing to grow and will be the building blocks for the future of this company.

Zack Walters 1
Zack Walters

I love working outside and doing something different every day. It keeps me motivated. Randy James taught me so much about reading blueprints and other things. He’s been a really good mentor and coach. I love the family culture here. They really do put family first.

Javier Bustamante

Ferguson truly cares about family and has long-standing relationships with our customers as well, because we treat them like family too.

Tom Bergman 2
Tom Bergman

Although I have not been employed at Ferguson for long, I love the company’s diversity! Field employees, superintendents, co-ops, PE’s and PM’s of all different genders, race, and nationality. I also love that there is upward mobility in every position.

Dahla Bruce 1
Dahla Bruce

My dad worked in construction and at a young age, we were always doing small projects around our house. It was always something I enjoyed, so when I got into college, I majored in construction management and began an internship as an estimator. I appreciate Ferguson’s commitment to the customer, across all regions, in all phases of the project.

Greg Geis_Headshot
Greg Geis