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We strive to ensure that everyone onsite returns home safe at the end of the day in the same, or better condition, than they arrived.
Safety is at the core of our company culture.

Safety is tightly woven into each step of our process. We collaborate with you to identify and eliminate any risks and hazards that may be associated with your project before construction begins. Our commitment to providing safe job sites is paramount for the success of our team and subcontractors. We strive to ensure that everyone onsite returns home safe at the end of the day in the same, or better, condition than they arrived.


Ferguson’s dedication to safety is backed by our participation in the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program “Star” rating since 2004.

Voluntary Protection Program ratings are achieved through consistently maintaining outstanding safety standards that control hazards and protect workers throughout the workplace. Ferguson has worked diligently to make sure that we have exceeded VPP’s four elements: Management Leadership & Employee Involvement, Worksite Analysis, Hazard Prevention & Control, and Safety & Health Training.

We are self-sufficient in our ability to control workplace hazards and have continued to limit workplace illnesses and injuries below the national average.

Ferguson’s commitment to excellence
has earned
national awards.

National Safety Excellence Award

On March 15, 2003, Ferguson Construction Company was awarded the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. (ABC) National Safety Excellence Award at the national convention in San Diego, California. The ABC National Safety Award recognizes companies whose safety performance and programs are exemplary. Awards are based on data submitted via STEP Platinum applications and interviews with companies’ safety directors and owners. Award categories are based on total work hours in a calendar year and standard industrial codes.

ABC National Safety Excellence Award

STEP Platinum Awards

The Safety Training & Evaluation Process (STEP) is a nationally recognized safety program sponsored by Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. The award is based upon the cumulative score of 20 key components. Ferguson has achieved a Platinum status every year since 2001 and will continue to use the key components of the program to build and strengthen our safety program.


Accredited Quality Contractor

AQC is an accreditation program that provides recognition to world-class construction firms that have documented their commitment to five key areas of corporate responsibility: Construction Safety, Education, and Culture.

In earning the AQC credential, each member company commits to world-class safety by achieving a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond level in ABC’s STEP Safety Management System. Ferguson Construction has achieved a Platinum status every year since 2001 and utilizes the key components of the program to build and strengthen safety programs.

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AQC Pledge

“As contractors, we want business owners and the public in general to know that we care about our employees and the communities in which we build, and that we are prepared to demonstrate this concern through our actions. We are proud to be contractors and proud to be an integral part of this great industry. We want our many ‘publics’ to know that we are dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and that we are committed to providing our employees, now and in the future, with the skills they need to work safely and productively on the jobsite.”

“Ferguson Construction is proud to have earned this recognition from ABC continuously for the past two decades. This accreditation is one of our most significant, as it aligns with Ferguson’s core values and commitment to providing safe job sites for our team and subcontractors.”

– Doug Fortkamp, President, Ferguson Construction

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