Building a Career

Six Long Term Ferguson Associates Share Their Journey

Ferguson Construction is proud of our very dedicated staff of employees.  At this time there are six employees that have a combined tenure of 220 total years of service. Five of our employees have reached the 35 year mark and the sixth has a 45 year career with Ferguson. These six employees share their employment history and why they committed to Ferguson.

Dave Shonk

Dave Shonk, who will be retiring at the end of December (2018) with 45 years of service is currently our Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager.

Dave began his career with Ferguson as a college co-op in the summer of 1973.  Later that year, Dave was hired as a full-time laborer. Due to his hard work he become an Assistant Foreman and promoted to Foreman and onto Superintendent.  With Dave’s Operations background, he was asked to support the Columbus, Ohio office start up as Special Projects Manager and Project Manager for larger projects.  Once that office got on its feet, Dave returned to Sidney and moved into his current role as the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager.

Dave has fond memories of all the people he has work along side of over the years. His favorite memory would be the time that he spent learning and training under a former highly talented Supervisor, Willard Ballou.

“Willard trained me to be the type of employee I am today.” said Mr. Shonk. 

Five other individuals have accomplished a 35 year history with Ferguson Construction Company to date.

Craig Zimmerman

Craig Zimmerman is an Iron Worker for Ferguson, but is considered a jack of all trades. He started as a laborer, moved into a warehouse position that included driving equipment and supplies to the jobsites, and later returned to the construction field as a Crew Leader for the roofing and steel erection crews. Craig’s skill set has become a great resource for Ferguson.

Craig has enjoyed watching what he calls the “young kids” become the bosses and several youngsters grow up within the company.

Brian Hendershot

Brian Hendershot, a Project Supervisor, got his start in construction as a general laborer. Brian will admit when he started with Ferguson he did not have any knowledge of construction. Over time he gained a wealth of knowledge in this field including sheet metal and roofing to iron work. Brian advanced into a concrete carpenter and mentor before continuing on into his present role of Project Supervisor.

His fondest memory was the opportunity for him and another employee to give back to the community of Huber Heights, Ohio. They helped rebuild an old Amish barn that was destroyed by arson.

Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson, another Project Supervisor, started his career in the factory setting which did not feel like a good fit.  He decided to try his hand at construction and that was a match. But before settling on Ferguson he worked for a handful of other construction firms. Joe’s first role within Ferguson was as a concrete carpenter, a position he enjoyed for twenty years before becoming a Project Supervisor.

His greatest memories are of the relationships built through the years with his fellow co-workers.

Phil Clark

Phil Clark is a Project Supervisor and much like the other men, started as a general labor. Through the years he has held several positions including iron worker, roofing crew leader and, Projects Manager – Special Projects before becoming Project Supervisor. His experience and knowledge of the construction industry has been a valuable asset mentoring others within the field force.

Phil’s over all favorite memory is the satisfaction of completing any job.

Walt Hartke

Walt Hartke, who will be retiring in the spring (2019), is one of Ferguson’s long time architectural designers. His start was in our Dayton office design department as a jack of all trades.  Later he moved into the Sidney design department and has enjoyed working with a team that helps each other along the way.  One of the things Walt enjoys about his job is seeing a project go from a blueprint to a completed building.

Walt has enjoyed his career taking many memories from all the project and people he has worked with on a daily bases.

All six men attribute their many years of service to the company’s values and respect of not only themselves but other employees throughout the years as well as the job security that they have experience along the way.  In addition, Ferguson has created an environment that allowed for growth and advancement within the company.

“It’s an honorable profession and it’s all I know. Ferguson Construction has treated me well over the years and has provided for my family.”

-Brian Hendershot.

“I’ve only been laid off for two week in 35 years. Hats off to Ferguson for doing that for me.”

-Craig Zimmerman

Their advice for those who are just starting out in the construction industry would be to learn as much as you can and do not get discouraged. Knowledge and skill take time. Stick with it!

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