How To Plan For An Expansion

As a business owner, your goal is to boost your production, grow your client list, and optimize your revenue. As a result of your successes, you may find yourself in need of employees, new machines, and more storage space. This necessitates an expansion of your offices, manufacturing area, warehouse space – or all of the above. This can be an exciting and overwhelming prospect, but you may be wondering: How do I effectively plan for an upcoming building expansion? Let’s alleviate the unknown by exploring the top 4 factors you should consider first so you can build a strong foundation for future success.


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One of the most overlooked aspects of construction is the site. You may have 10 acres available to expand on, but not all of that land may be able to be developed. A few things to consider are:

  • Utility Locations
  • Land Contours
  • Storm Water Detention/Retention Requirements

Our team can survey your site, then our site design team can create solutions to maximize your location while ensuring you are in compliance with the requirements at the local, state, and federal levels.


Once the location has been optimized, it is time to plan the design. It is important to identify the function of the space and future staffing goals, then design around that purpose to make the most of the space available. Our in-house design team immerses itself in your unique operational environment, creating functional design concepts that maximize your team’s productivity and collaboration.

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The materials you select for your building will vary depending on the type of addition you are building. For a warehouse or manufacturing addition, it may be simple with a standard metal siding selected – but there may also be an opportunity for value-added options such as utilizing Insulated Metal Panels. This product seems to be gaining popularity due to ease of installation, low maintenance, and eliminating the need for interior liner panels.

An office expansion could be the chance to give your business a much-needed face-lift and introduce new elements into the aesthetics of your building. Some of these materials could include horizontal metal siding, brick or stone wainscot, lots of glass to enhance the natural light – or a mixture of all of the above to take your office to the next level.

Lead times

As we are all aware, the global supply chain was rocked by the pandemic and is still recovering from the aftershock. While pre-engineered building lead times have shortened, there are still many outliers that can delay the completion of the building. Most notably, electrical gears can be upwards of a year out from the release of shop drawings. To combat this, we work with you early on to identify process needs and work from letters of intent to expedite the delivery of long-lead items to align more succinctly with the construction timeline.

There is a lot to consider when building an addition, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. By taking the first steps to understand how location, design, materials, and lead times can impact your project outcome, you can lay a strong foundation for future success. No two organizations are alike. Our team is committed to accurately understanding your project goals to ensure success, exceed expectations and simplify the overall process Thinking about expanding your business? Let’s connect and discuss your plan to expand.

Danny Neth, Business Development