Building Types

Considering a new facility or addition?

What type of structure and materials optimizes my construction project?

The function of the building dictates the form. Every facility, whether it is manufacturing, a movie theatre or a bowling alley has a process. That function or process can be enhanced by the type of structure or materials utilized during its construction.

When determining the best structure type, there are many external variables to process such as building codes, zoning requirements or even covenants for the property.  

Many of the historical norms such as cost or speed of construction (pre-engineered v. conventional) no longer exist in many cases. Much of the traditional building envelopes are no longer viable due to energy code requirements.

The preferred types of materials utilized by Ferguson are the ones that maximize the return for the user.

In short, there is not an easy answer as to whether a conventional steel, pre-engineered steel, masonry or wood framed structure provides the best return.

If this is a question you need an answer(s) to, we suggest that you contact us for a cost free consultation with one our experienced personnel that can speak to design, cost and delivery.  No commitment required as it is one many of our services offered.