Ferguson’s Zoo Adventure

Employees Celebrate Ferguson’s 100 Year Anniversary at the Columbus Zoo

Ferguson Construction’s 100 – year celebration continued this past weekend with a sponsored day at the Columbus Zoo for the employees and their families.

The day was filled with adventures for all who attended. Employees and their families spent their day exploring the many different animal exhibits throughout the park. The zoo opened their private observation deck overlooking the African savanna to Ferguson before a catered lunch. From the observation deck families could watch giraffes, zebra, ostrich, gazelle, and wildebeest commune together on the savanna along with the opportunity to feed the giant giraffes. The Columbus Zoo helped to continue the special celebration with up close animal encounters featuring six different types of species included Magellanic Penguin, small red fox, Parakeet, owl, skunk, and small endangered leopard after the catered lunch. After lunch each family continued their own zoo adventure for the remainder of the day.

A special thank you to our employees and their families who made this day at the zoo enjoyable. Also, thank you for all you do for Ferguson Construction. We appreciate your dedication to the company and our customers.

*Ferguson Construction met with a Columbus Zoo Event Planner before the event to ensure safety measures were in place. Everyone was encouraged to wear a face covering and practice social distancing during the event. Ferguson’s goal was to offer its employees and family members a fun, safe day at the zoo.