Pantry on a Pole

Community Working Together to Provide the Simplest Necessities.

Good Neighbor House created its pantry on a pole project to assist individuals who preferred not to go to the local food pantry but still required assistance. The project would include building pantry boxes to provide food to individuals and be placed throughout the community.

Three pantry box locations were already in use. However, the need to assist others in the community was immense. Advancing the project would involve the partnership between Wright State University MBA Construction Management program and Good Neighbor House. The students in the program had to find the locations and acquire permission to install the boxes.

In February 2021, an MBA student contacted Ferguson Construction for an installation quote including the poles of five pantry boxes. Instead of providing the quote, Ferguson donated the poles and labor.

Meanwhile-Sue Fry, a daughter of a Dayton artist, custom painted each panty boxes with a different design. She had assistance from her two great-grandsons for one of the box designs. Sue used their hands to place bright-colored handprints all over the box. One day when the boys are grown, Sue hopes they will be able to see the hand printed box and tell the story behind pantry on a pole.

Ferguson picked up the boxes following the Easter weekend from Good Neighbor House and installed five pantries on a pole throughout the community.