Renovation Project Tips

Consider these tips before a renovation project

A renovation project can be overwhelming. Here are several tips that can assist before and during the project.

What is currently not functioning in the current space and what improvements would make it more functional after the renovation?

Keep the company’s future needs in mind when designing the space.  Space needs to be designed to fit the current number of employees/production, but the design needs to also allow for future growth.

Define and create goals for the space that is being renovated.

Other considerations for a renovation project are the relocation of current staff or production and how the renovation will impact how your company conducts business. Color choices and adequate lighting sources are two other very important items to consider.  Color section and lighting can have an impact on production and productive your staff can be.  Lighting  plays a key role.  Taking advantage of available natural light and installing the correct lighting fixtures for space. These two items can also have an impact on how customers view the company as a brand.

Emerson Addition Renovation

Consulting with a construction firm or an architect can benefit the project. These firms are able to assist with the design, the project timeline, and create a project budget. They also help with zoning and building code requirements.

Selecting a contractor, like Ferguson, that partners with you gives, you an advantage.  We are able to pinpoint potential problems and provide alternative solutions during the renovation that could save the project from going over the budget and extending the project schedule.

Have questions about these tips or need a partner for your next renovation project, contact us.