Safety Priorities – Preventing Accidents on Jobsites

Safety is an Attitude

At Ferguson Construction, we believe safety is an attitude and the responsibility of every team member. This belief has led us to implement safety procedures and work practices to help control the risk of injury to our team members.

If safety and attitude are the responsibility of every associate, accidents and injuries have a stronger likelihood of being prevented. A positive attitude with attention to detail (focus) and awareness of surroundings can ensure safe working speeds and proper use of equipment. Appropriate working speed and the attention to detail also aids in preventing costly re- work.

A safety attitude also includes having safety procedures in place to help maintain a safe working environment. An example of one of Ferguson’s safety procedures is the fall protection program. The Skyweb Fall Protection and Insulation Support Systems are parts of the program that utilize both an active and passive fall protection arrest system. These systems effectively eliminate the “leading edge” elevated fall hazard during a roof installation.

There are many hazards in and around a construction site and a “safety attitude” helps control these hazards in addition to our many safety measures already in place. A small sample of  hazards include trenching and excavation, as well as scaffolding erection and dismantling with most of these hazards easily managed with the use of plastic caution tape placed around the hazard or by the use of plastic flag banisters marking the “edge of the roof”. To ensure that all safety procedures are being utilized by Ferguson’s workforce, our safety director conducts unscheduled weekly safety inspections and scheduled meetings at every jobsite.

Ferguson Construction has made safety a priority in our company and continues to invest in safety procedures for our employees and our customers. Our associates arrive everyday, physically ready to do their job. Our goal is to get them back home the same way they left.

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