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Safety Priorities: Valuing Safety

One of Our Core Values

Ferguson views safety as a core value that empowers our employees to be safe during their work day. We instill the value of safety with our employees during their very first work day. Ferguson begins by giving each of our employees the proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and safety training before stepping foot onto a jobsite.  Our belief is to equip our employees from the very beginning so they have a safe, successful workday. Instilling the value of safety with our employees from the beginning then becomes habit for everyone at Ferguson.

Everyone at Ferguson, including our project managers and project supervisors lead the way, showing examples of what safe work practices look like during project. In addition, Ferguson’s project supervisors will stop any and all unsafe work at the jobsites and implement corrective safe measures for the designated task. Our staff continues to maintain the safety value of the company by reporting any unsafe conditions and requesting any safety equipment they may need. Ferguson’s safety director maintains our safety program and oversees safety conditions at each jobsite.

By emphasizing safety as a part of our core values, it encourages our associates to continuously improve our safety program. Some of theses improvements have included more choices for PPE and fall protection gear. Ferguson’s leadership team encourages and appreciates everyone’s involvement in making improvements to the safety program.

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