Special Project Highlight

Operation Waterline Break

Water lines are all around us, you never give it a second thought-until they break. The terrible sound of water under 80 pounds of pressure releasing uncontrollably, spreading rapidly on the path of least resistance. Certainly a bad scenario to imagine, worsened by that fact that it happened in the middle of the night in an unoccupied portion of a nineteen story hospital.

Fortunately, for The OSU East Hospital, that terrible sound was heard by one of Ferguson’s Project Supervisor, who was currently working on a third shift project in an adjacent area found the broken waterline. The Supervisor immediately notified OSU East facilities management and began working on containment while awaiting authorities to arrive to shut off the remote water valve. After that was accomplished, the Supervisor and OSU East were able to start identify facility issues.

By early morning all standing water had been removed and a Ferguson Construction management team began to assess the damage and activated a plan for drying out the four floors of impacted areas. These areas as well as the patient’s elevators were temporarily shut down. Once, the fans and the dehumidifiers were placed throughout the areas to assist with removing the remaining moisture. The Ferguson team began the process of damage assessment by using both physical (sight and tough) as well as a moisture meter to measure the moister content. The moisture meter was used to continuously test material for unacceptable levels of moisture. The impacted materials such as walls, insulation, ceiling, and flooring were immediately removed.

After removing all of the damaged material, as a team, Ferguson Construction, subcontractors and the OSU East facilities team worked swiftly to make the repairs to the hospital. The team focused on minimizing the area of impact on patients, safety, and normal hospital operations.

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