Women in Construction

The Women of Ferguson Construction

Traditionally, construction has been a male-dominated industry with women being the minority. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women only make up 9.9% of those who work in construction with 86.7% working in the office and 25% working in a trade.  Mandie, Angie, Jena, and Anna are a few of the women of Ferguson Construction who are making their impact in the construction industry.

Anna Pearl Ferguson

Women of Ferguson Construction

Anna Pearl Ferguson, Ferguson’s second president (1946-1955) who took over after the passing of her husband Murray Ferguson the company founder, was a true pioneer during her presidency.  Anna made company history, being one of the first women to work in construction. During her tenure, Anna was responsible for the overall operations of the company.


Having a passion for building and creating things with her hands, Jena enjoys the creativity construction brings.  She started her career over two and a half years ago with the hope of achieving her life long dream of becoming a carpenter.  Jena has continued her efforts to become a journeywoman once she completes the Associated Builder and Contractor’s (ABC) carpentry apprenticeship program. 

“The short time I have been in the industry I have acquired a lot of valuable knowledge.  This is in part to those who I have been fortunate enough to work with. They have taken the time to teach me and have passed along their expertise to someone who has little to no experience. Honestly, these people are the most rewarding and possibly the most surprising, part about my job.” -Jena

Mandie (Warehouse Supervisor) 

Women of Ferguson Construction

After spending years inside a building and completing the same work every day. Mandie was ready to have a career that would allow her to continue to learn new skill sets.  Construction has given her this opportunity in a very different environment. For Mandie, learning new skills on a daily bases are the rewarding aspect of her job.

“Every day is different and it is very rewarding to see a project come to completion.” -Mandie

Construction allows Mandie to feel she is a part of something bigger than herself and believes construction assists in making change in the community.


Women of Ferguson Construction

Three years ago Angie joined Ferguson’s HR Department after wanting a change of pace and environment. During her time with the company, it has been an eye-opener for her to see a homegrown, family oriented, and very successful general contractor provide excellent construction services but also be so involved within the community.   

Angie enjoys seeing the employees’ commitment to finishing a construction project. This starts at the initial design of the project to the very last punch list item. It is also a joy for her to see the self-performing crews dedicate so much to the company, personally and professionally.

“Recruiting for skilled trades has exposed all the careers available for both men and women in this industry. The art of learning a skilled trade is fading but the value is increasing.” -Angie

Ferguson is grateful these women are making a positive impact and will continue supporting their careers in construction.

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